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Everyone has a story to tell and for those of us in business, it needs to be told well and in the right places. "All of us are experts at what we do but most of us aren't experts at telling our stories", according to Jill Lublin, owner of Promising Promotion. "If no one knows about our business, it's definitely not going to grow. Positioning is everything and knowing what the media is looking for will get you the attention that you deserve. You are the news; the news is about people like you."

Lublin suggests that once your "ooh-aah story" and press release have been put together, it is time to contact the media. Select the medium - radio, TV, web, or print - that's appropriate to your business, whether national and / or local. If you plan to use magazines, consider the trade or consumer specialty publication geared toward your audience's interests. Once you have put together your life, you are ready to spread the word.

In researching her upcoming book, Guerrilla Publicity, Lublin found that the media shared a number of do's and don'ts. Here is the top five in each category:

Don't send information if:
1) there are untrue claims;
2) the releases are too long;
3) you don't have the correct person, names are misspelled, or people are misidentified;
4) you don't know your message or "hook"; and
5) don't whine if they say no.
Now for the do's:
1) have clarity of message and show credentials and experience;
2) create stories that are genuinely news;
3) be persistent but have consideration for their time;
4) have knowledge of their market whether they're viewers, listeners, or readers; and
5) create a unique presentation.

Most relationships take time to develop so each contact should be handled in that context. Most importantly, you should follow up within three days for local media and within five for national. And remember, when your story is "in" the news, it "is" the news!

So take the time to get the attention you deserve!



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